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Clear electroplating to protect brass jewelry?

I love the color and tones of brass in my jewelry and wonder if anyone has experience electroplating a clear coat on their pieces? I’m having trouble finding a plater who’ll do it over brass because of how quickly it can tarnish/discolor on its way to them, and am wondering if I should invest in an at-home plating system?

I’ve tried lacquers and Renaissance wax, but find that it all wears away so quickly. I’m hoping for something that can go on thicker and more evenly.

Any input or tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

CERAMIX Nano-Ceramic E-Coating, Transparent. Search it on

Thanks for the link. It looks like I’d need to invest in all the equipment, too, but maybe that’s my only option at this point.

“The e-coating process, also known as electrophoretic deposition or electrocoating, involves submerging your material in a water-based paint or epoxy solution. Technicians send electrical currents through the liquid, causing suspended particles to deposit on the material’s surface. When the technician is satisfied with the thickness of the coating, they rinse the material and move it to a curing oven”

This is something I always intended to try for my silversmithing raised bronze items, but never got round to trying before I retired. You might find something of use therein. I know that some of the costings are completely transparent.

I have done some research into e-coating, but I can find how or if you can mask parts of the piece so that only those areas that you want to be are coated…Rob