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Clear coat protection for brass

I am wanting to protect brass jewelry from tarnishing. Can someone
recommenda product or process?

POR15 makes a clear coat catalyzed urethane that is terrific, VERY
strong, especially in humid (body contact) environments. Not cheap
but it is good for 15 years sun exposure. negative, it is very tough
to take off if needed. Incralac is a copper specific clear coat,
good UV protection and can be removed with MEK is needed. Not nearly
as tough as the POR product above, but offers protection, easy
removal if needed.

Also, the POR product is a much thicker coating than the Incralac.
The mfgr of Incralac also makes a water based product but I not
little of it as I never use it. Incralac was originally developed to
be used for bronze sculpture that was outside.

Also clear powder coating might be something to look at but sharp
edges do not take good coverage, but this is true of most any
applied material.

Hope this helps.
john dach

Hello Becky,

Preservation of a brass musical instrument through some of its
outdoor uses can be tough. This duty brings to mind one company who
specializes in supplying equipment and metal finishes to musical
instrument repair houses. Their name is Ferree’s Tools. Hopefully
you are able to fill you need - their website is

I am not associated with Ferriee’s Tools in any way.

Bob A. DeMarcki

Polish brass to a bright finish and DO NOT touch with bare hands.
Best if you can temporarily attach a handle or hang the part from some
invisible point after polishing. In a warm environment, about 75
degrees, apply 3 very thin coats of a good quality clear lacquer.
Allow 20 minutes dry time between coats and then dry overnight before

Your part will never tarnish unless the clear coat is scratched

Good Luck,

I think one of the best is “Renaissance Wax”.