Cleanning Old Silver Filigree

Hi: I have some nice old and not so old silver filigree jewelry. It
is sort of dark gray - I believe some pieces may have been chemically
oxydized to get that look. I would like to clean them up and achieve
that almost white silver color/glow some of the other pieces have.
How can I do that - I tried silver cleaners (Tarnex?), but they are
obviously too weak for the purpose and it would hurt the metal if I
were to leave the jewelry in for too long. I am new to this list and
new to jewelry in general and would appreciate some advice on this


Consider thiourea-containing dip-and-rinse cleaners. Item numbers
229-GIC (fluid ounces here). IJS 1-800-545-6540

You could try dry whiting powder with a soft brush - plus time and
patience…but you may need to give it a good go with some washing
up type detergent and a soft brush first. I had some good results
with some Peruvian filigree like this - but of course it depends how
delicate it is…


Zoya, I know cleaning filigree is a bit tricky, but try this simple
proceduRe: dip the piece into regular white vinegar and then brush it
gently with a soft toothbrush. Rinse it with warm water and brush
again, using baking soda. The easiest way to clean filigree is by
using a combination of three different acids, but it is too dangerous
and a major health hazard, so I would not dare recommend this to the

Good luck,
Valentin Yotkov

Dear Zoya, A clean quick way to brighten up old silver is to make up a
thickish paste of sodium bicarbonate - you can buy it cheaply from
any pharmacy if you get the pharmeceutical raw material type (I buy it
in 500 gram lots and it lasts for years). The filigree will need to be
scrubbed a little with an old toothbrush to get into the detail. I
usually rest the silver on a piece of moistened cloth and rub with my
fingers, the cloth or a brush until its clean, then rinse off in warm
water. All the sodi’ bic’ dissolves out leaving the jewellery clean
and bright again. Kind regards, Rex from Oz