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Cleaning White Gold

Martin, if you are using white gold with nickel alloy it will oxidize
when you heat it and you won’t be able to remove it with normal
pickle solution. Get nickel pickle…many years back, Alpha Supply
did carry it. I would recommend that you use white gold with
palladium alloy, this will not oxidize no matter how many times it is
heated. It cost more, but it will save you all this aggravation. Min
Azama in Tokyo.

Hello Min,

Great timing on this message, as I am meeting a client this week to
discuss a commission fabricated in white gold! I checked, and my
normal metal supplier only has the nickel alloy. I understand you’re
in Japan… you don’t, by any chance, have a line on vendors in the
U.S. who carry the palladium alloy?

I had some nickel pickle many years ago, but threw it away when the
container cracked and I never used it anyway. I believe Bill Sealey
(Reactive Metals) has an article on the ArtMetal Web site with a
nickel pickle recipe using hydrogen peroxide. I’ll have to investigate

Anyway, if you have a lead, I’d love to hear about it!

All the best,


Hi Dave,

Suggest you try . They are based in San Diego they
produce special palladium and gold alloys.

Ed Wocke.

Hi Dave; This is a source for palladium white gold in Canada, maybe a
bit closer than Japan. It’s Imperial Smelting in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. You can have material made up to order or order from their
ready stock. I’m sure they are on the web, but I have only the phone
and fax numbers: toll free: 1-877- 994-7726, 905-475-5426 (tel),
1-877-954-7726, 905-475-5476 (fax). Good luck.

Michaela Wolfert

Hoover and Strong has a great palladium white alloy that is realy
quite workable if you don’y mind the slightly gray color. A.J.