Cleaning vermeil and gold-filled

Hello, I’ve noticed some tarnishing on a piece I made awhile back.
The tarnishing is on the vermeil beads. What is the best way to
remove tarnish from vermeil? And while I’m asking, what is the best
way to clean gold-filled pieces? Thanks again, Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs

Augest, The ionic cleaner is just what your looking for. It’s not
good at removing dirt and crud that builds up but it’s great for
removing tarnish. You still may need to do some work on the piece
after it comes out, but it will be far less work than utilizing
other mechanical methods. These cleaners can be purchased from most
of the tool supply houses.


I have had very good results with a Speed Brite ionic cleaning
machine. Stuller sells them in their tools catalog starting at $37.
Be careful trying to remove the tarnish from Vermeil with a polishing
cloth as you may remove some of the coating. (the sub metal is probably migrating)

A simple way to remove tarnish from Vermeil is to use a product
called “Tarn-x”, or similar. It contains a mild acid, just dip the
piece or brush some on and rinse thoroughly in water. Don’t use it on
anything with pearls. Joel Schwalb