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Cleaning up those Moroccan trilobites


This is my very first attempt to post something - I hope I am doing
it right. I just got back from Tucson Gem & Mineral show - wowee!! I
had a fantastic time, shopped 'till I dropped, and came home with all
sorts of booty. I also attended the Ganoksin banquet, but missed most
of the Rio Catalog in Motion as I did not realize that it was 4 days
only. Ah well, next year I shall be an old hand!!

Among the treasures I brought back were some of those half excavated
Moroccan trilobites, the ones with all the odd spikes and antennae,
which I thought would be very neat to further extract from the
bedrock. Well, I started on one this afternoon, bottom of the
learning curve as usual, and after a bit of burring at the rock with
my flexshaft, managed to pop off two of the projections on the
thing. Now my $25 fossil is a $10 fossil, but that’s OK. Does anyone
have any experience with cleaning up these things, that they would be
willing to share? I wondered about working it wet, but I think it
would be too hard to distinguish fossil from bedrock.

I would welcome any suggestions

Many thanks
Shelley Rains

Those who do it professionally use an abrasive blaster.