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Cleaning up small spaces efficiently

Hi All, Can anyone give me insight and/or specific rotary (or
otherwise) tool recommendations for fast clean-up of tight spaces
such as: casting grain between close bezel walls, solder in filigree
openings and dealingwith mircoporosity? I haven’t seemed to find the
magic tools yet and would like to have some go-to’s to speed up the
process. Any advice would bemuch appreciated. Thanks, Cindie

  1. clean the models as perfectly as possible first. casting grain
    not meltedepuzzles me, unless you mean splatter…

  2. desoldering braid works great!

  3. microporosity has a number of reasons why it happens- for one the
    investment type may not be right for the metal or burn-out too fast
    and incomplete, the metal may contain too much scrap to master alloy
    or otherwise deox alloy wasn’t weighed out to be in the right

  4. there are tools that Busch makes that are highly polished and fit
    into tight spaces to burnish the finished castings (made of tungsten
    or carbide I believe), there are also burs that have little rollers
    on them that help remove it as well. look in a few vendor’s
    catalogues. the rotating roller burs also remove small dents from
    metal as an additional plus! Look through Orchid’s archives under the
    subjects you mention for in depth discussions and tips on many of the
    topic you mentioned. rer

I use a air drill with dental bits. Works great for cutting stone
seats in earrings too.

Hi Cindy,

A saw is the best tool I have for cleanup when it fits. Check out
the first (I think) cd of Alan Revere’s series. It shows how to use a
saw as a file to get into tinsie spaces. I also hit my dentist up for
their discards of mini burs. Gorgeous for jewelry including tiny
flat diamond burs that I use to clean out bezels or to under-cut.

in Phila where the plants think it is May.