Cleaning tungsten carbide drawplates

hi all

when i use my tungsten carbide drawplate to draw wire i use some
liquid burlife to help it along but it also seems to be a magnet for
pickin up dirt too, its not so much of a problem on the bigger sizes
as the holes on the back side are easy to wipe out when they get
dirty, the problem i have are the sizes.30mm down to.26mm and these
are the sizes i seem to use a lot of the time when i draw down fine
silver wire for my girlfriend, i would be greatful for any ideas of
the best way to clean them


Steam Cleaner

Jim Binnion

I use hot water to clean mine. If your lubricant resists hot tap
water, then use boiling water. Don’t worry about drying them because
the moisture left after towel drying will be evaporated by the heat
remaining in the metal. You may want to give it a light coat of
protectant afterwards to minimize oxidation.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Alliance, OH

Hi Jason

The way I clean my tungsten draw plate when it gets dirty is with
warm water.

However I don’t use burr life for a lub. I use liquid dish washing
detergent. I saturate a piece of felt with the detergent & clip it
above the hole(s) being used with a paper clip so the wire contacts
it prior to entering the the hole.

Then when the draw plate needs cleaning I place it in a pan of warm
water & brush it with an old tooth brush or similar. Be sure to dry
it off very well when done so the steel doesn’t rust. If you have a
ultrasonic cleaner, that could also be used.


hi all

thanks to everyone for the help, i dont have a steam cleaner but at
least i do have an ultrasonic, i just didnt think it would be a good
idea to put the drawplate in water but seein you do it then it must
be ok, i will just make sure its dried well, i might even put it on
the radiator just to make sure its really dry just to be on the safe
side and once its dry i will give it a wipe with some WD40 on a cloth

thanks again for the help