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Cleaning tips for a Smith acet/air?

Was: Torch for Reticulation

it may soot (if the orifices have not been cleaned in particular) 

Can anyone tell me how to clean the tips for a Smith acet/air? The
art center I teach at has tips that have (I’m sure) never been
cleaned, and some are acting up. It isn’t obvious what to do to
clean them-- the works in the base make the inside tough to access.


I am not sure of the Smith torch, but the Turbo Torch has a
removable orifice which can be screwwed into the handle and “blown
out”. Look down inside the tip for a screw slot. Otherwise you might
be able to ream the orifice with a small wire, being careful not to
damage the orifice. The larger Oxyygen / Fuel gas torchs have
reamers available to ream out the torch tip and file it flat again.

You could check with a local gas supplier that sells Smith torches,
but not everyone in supply houses know what they are talking about
so evaluate the answers accordingly.

Good Luck
Dan Wellman

I have taken the torch tips apart and put the parts in the
ultrasonic to clean them. Rinsed and used compressed air to dry
inside tip and reassembled.

They have worked fine after cleaning. Reshaping the tips that get
banged on the soldering station by students takes some hammering and
burnishing to reshape them. Sometimes the tips look like students
have been using them as a flux brush.

Gee I have had my Smith torch for over 25 years and haven’t had the
need to clean the tips. But, I have had to change the O rings. If
they get old then you have flashbacks when you turn the flame off.


If you remove the tip you will find a screw slot on the base. Remove
and a small brass orifice will be inside. This is what clogs a thin
wire maybe around 22 guage should do the trick. If you don.t have a
small piece of wire I think you can get a cleaner at a welding
supply store. Be aware of how the orifice fits when you take it out
to assure it goes back the same way.

Dave Owen