Cleaning tarnished argentium silver

I make a lot of Argentium sterling silver chains, some with stones
and pearls included. Living in the Pacific Northwest, tarnish on
silver is a fact of life, especially with customers who do not store
their silver jewellery properly.

I have tried the Windex solution. Nada.

Ultrasonic. Not that great.

I have resorted to hand polishing & using dips. Unimpressive.

Does anyone have a method that really works on Argentium Sterling
Silver jewellery? Any suggestions for cleaning Argentium handmade
chains with semiprecious stones and pearls attached?

Much Gratitude,
Ruth Chantrell

I tumble with mixed shot and acrylic shot and tumbling soap. Cleans
my Argentina casting perfectly no additional polishing needed.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your reply. I have no problem with getting my Argentium
handmade chains shiny and brilliant looking. It is after they have
been bought and worn for a few years that they start to tarnish,
albeit more slowly, like sterling silver. It is this tarnish I am
having a problem cleaning off, especially as some of my chains have
stones and pearls in them.


Hi all

read the instructions for Argentium. Pickle polish and heat at 100
degrees C for one hour.

If you do this it will have very low tarnish properties.

All the best

Maybe not the pearls but stones in the tumbler with the plastic shot
might work. At Wm Holland, years back, the instructors were filling
the tumblers with wood shavings with some red rouge they put
everything in there. That was a shocker and it worked. Might check
that out.

:slight_smile: happy

I use dish soap and a soft toothbrush. It wont give a shiney finish
but, it most definately cleans chain, headpins and components.

Preserving that clean finish is another thing…

All the best

Hi Ruth,

What are you doing when you finish making the Argentium Silver
chains to prevent tarnish? I hope that before you attach/set the
pearls and stones, you are heating the Argentium Silver to maximize
the Germanium oxide after the abrasion of polishing. Additionally,
especially since tarnish is such a problem where you live, I suggest
a final polish with a cloth or polish that contains thiols ----
products that have thiols Cloth, Goddards Silver Polish (liquid in a
bottle), and Tiffany Mitts. For chains, I would use the Goddards
liquid silver polish. Give your customers a piece of one of the
cleaning cloths that I mentioned. In terms of dealing with the
current tarnish problem, I would suggest using the Goddards Silver
Polish (the liquid in a bottle). I don’t think that it will harm the
pearls or stones (though I would try not to soak the pearls and
stones in the polish.) If the tarnish is too heavy for the liquid to
clean, then use the Goddards Silver Polish in a jar, which has more
polishing/abrasive compound in it.

I hope these suggestions are helpful!
Cynthia Eid

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Hi all

use an ionic cleaner then heat at 100 degrees C for one hour. With
stone set put in cold oven then let temp come to 100. No thermal

all the best

I have used an ionic cleaner to remove this type of tarnish off of
silver jewelry that included stones and pearls. Quick and easy, and
no toxic chemicals needed. I haven’t tried Argentium. Carol

I have used an ionic cleaner to remove this type of tarnish off of
silver jewelry that included stones and pearls. Quick and easy,
and no toxic chemicals needed. I haven't tried Argentium. 

l’ve used my ionic cleaner on Argentium. Works just fine and doesn’t
harm pearls, turquoise, etc. A light scrubbing with a soft
toothbrush finished the removal of tarnish. Be aware that the
surface will not be as polished when the tarnish is gone.

To restore polish, I use a vibratory tumbler with dry crushed walnut
shell charged with a rouge-like media. Got both from Rio decades
ago, so check their current website or catalogue for availability
and price. The stuff lastsforever.

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