Cleaning stone beads

I need to polish some gunk off my stone beads without removing the
polished shiney surface and I need to accomplish this with my dremel.

Also, to use with my dremel, a polisher for silver that can get into
tight spaces? I need to buff out some tool marks on my wire wrapped
bead links as well as polish the silver.

Any recommendations would be extremely helpful. If anyone can name
stores in the NYC metro area, that would be huge plus.


You could try the 3m radial discs. They range in grit from heavy
cleaning to pre-polishing to polishing. The absolutely get into the
small areas you may need. Managed to get the back of a split shank
ring I made where I messed up a bit. Using the bristle discs I was
able to get into really tight places to sand down, blend and then
polish. Amazing things.

As for your stone, I suppose the same would hold true. As long as
you use the finest grit you should be able to get it back up to a
high shine.

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