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Cleaning stick wax off rough surface aquamarine

Any suggestions on how to safely get sticky wax residue out of rough surface aquamarine would be much appreciated.

Use a small jar with a lid, cover and soak in denatured alcohol overnight.


You can buy “Methyl Hydrate” from “Home Hardware”. I use this liquid 100% of the time.
Another suggestion is to put that liquid into a jar with a lid, then put the jar into your “sonic-cleaner”!
In a few minutes, your item will be cleaned. When finished, rinse with water to remove any residue.

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

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Thank you Jim - I have some denatured alcohol on hand and will give this a try.

Contractors Solvent - it comes in a spray bottle, available in hardware stores. If you can’t find that, Goof off, if they still make it. Don’t bother with Goo Gone, that will melt it just enough to smear the wax around, but not dissolve it. Good luck, Caroline

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