Cleaning Slab Saws

Good morning, I came across a tool the other day that has made
cleaning my slab saws a lot easier. I have several saws that have a
drain in the bottom that make it relatively easy to clean, however my
12" Lortone is harder to clean as you have to lift off the saw
assembly and then pour off the sludge. The older I get the harder
this is to do. I purchased a pump at Peavey Mart (for $15.95
Canadian $6.95 US) that looks like a grease gun but has a plastic
hose at the end instead of a grease fitting. This works in the
reverse manner of a grease gun in that it will suck up oil as you
pull out the plunger. You can then empty it in a pail etc. If you
agitate the oil before you clean the saw, most of the sludge can be
removed and the remaining solid material at the bottom can be
removed with a putty knife. This not only works well for cleaning
saws, but also works to siphon off the clean oil after the sludge has
settled and deposit it into clean containers. Cleaned two saws the
other day in less than an hour…made my day Gerry

Gerry, This “pump” you speak of sounds just like what I’m looking
for. I built a 16" gravity feed slab saw a couple of years ago
(works pretty good, too). However, cleaning out the sludge is one
chore that I really dread. What is the name brand of this pump?
Also, I am not familiar with Peavy Mart. What kind of store is this?

Rock On,
Rick Stutt (nutz4rox)

Hi Rick, Peavey Mart is a farm supply store in Canada. You should
be able to find it in the oil change section of most automotive
stores tho. It really doesn’t have a recognizable brand name, I
imagine there are many different brands out there. Looks exactly
like the old fashioned grease guns that had a handle on the side that
you pumped to grease a fitting, this one has no handle but has a
plastic hose at the end. You suck the oil up by pulling the
T-handled plunger at the back out. Hope I haven’t confused the issue
too much…