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Cleaning Rollers of Rolling Mill

Hi Sharon, The best way to clean the grease off the rolls is to apply
some white spirit onto a clean cloth and hold the cloth into the gap
of the rolls and roll backwards. Do not use any stronger liquid than
white spirit i.e.: lacquer thinners. It will take a little longer on
the grooves as you have to do one at a time. The whole process should
take no longer than 5 minutes. Contact me if you require anymore help

Kenneth, I am not sure what experience you have had in the past when
you say heavy grease just covers up defects. When machines are
shipped all over the world it is extremely important that they are
well protected. They must be well greased and oiled with rust
preventative to stop corrosion etc as sometimes they can be on their
travels for several weeks. Even the distributor should not remove any
protective materials as the machine has to be shipped to the
customer. (They would not be able to do in any case as they are well
crated in wooden boxes). I am sure the customer would be much happier
to receive a well protected machine and spend 5 minutes cleaning it
rather than receiving a machine with damage. Your comments could be
greatly misleading.

Reference my last posting, “White Spirits” is a ordinary house hold
paint solvent.

Sara Durston

J Morley, Another rust preventative you can use for your Rolling Mill
is a shell product called “Shell Ensis Fluid G”. It is in fact a
proper rust preventative rather than just an oil. It is very thin and
easy to spread and will give better protection than WD40. I am not
sure where you can buy it from in the US. If you cannot get Shell
then I guess that you would be able to obtain an equivalent. Let me
know if you need more help - contact, Sean Wood on Sara