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Cleaning matte finishes?

Hi - I’m hoping someone could let me know the best method for the
upkeep and cleaning of matte finishes. I’ve been getting a matte
finish with powdered pumice, soap, and water. I would like to use this
finish in my production work, but do not know what to tell my
customers about cleaning the jewelry. Please help! Thanks so much,
Sarah Philbeck - North Carolina

Hi all- I have found that a tooth brush loaded with baking soda works
like a charm, most people have a old toothbrush in the drawer and
baking soda in the fridge. No-tech,eh?

Scott Empey - Prism Designs


I have been using a paste of baking soda and an old tooth brush to
scrub my matte finish pieces to restore their look. It is enough of an
abrasive to clean off tarnish but does not seem to effect the
polished areas of a piece or any stones in the piece.

Douglas Frey

Here’s a trick. When you’ve got sand-blasted finishes that get a
spot or two of wear and show up on the finish, you can touch them up
without having to re-mask and re-blast by gluing a little abraisive
to the erasor of a pencil and using it to “pounce” the finish back.
Just poke at the area till it matches.

David L. Huffman

If the matte finish is on sterling, toothpaste worked in with a piece
of old rag works great. We use that for quick touch ups. The other
tried and true method is baking soda and aluminum foil. That is what
we use when we get chains or matte finish pieces back from our
accounts for refresh and return. Joh Flynn