Cleaning investment from castings

I’m new to silver casting, and I’m having trouble cleaning the
investment from the fine cracks of the casting. Any suggestions
would be appreciated.

John Fetvedt

The supply houses sell an investment remover. Put the fluid in a
glass beaker with the casting and put the beaker in the ultrasonic
machine. Through the glass I will make it come loose.

David Geller

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Atlanta, GA 30328
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John, an ultrasonic cleaner is the best way, using either a
commercial investment removal compound (too expensive for me) or 1/2
cup of household ammonia per gallon of water and add an ounce or two
of Wisk laundry detergent works very well, if you don’t have an
ultrasonic, then perhaps you have a tumbler? Use carbon steel or
Stainless steel shot, and about the same ratio of ammonia to water
only don’t add the laundry detergent. In lieu of those suggestions
then an old (or new) tooth brush or even a Cleanout brush(available
from most suppliers) and dish soap and running water

Kenneth Ferrell

I have been using white vinegar in a glass jar or beaker in the
ultrasonic to clean investment off castings. Critical thinking saves