Cleaning dry epoxy

I’ve made a pendant for a gal that just lost her father. She gave me
a small picture, ticket stub and a few other memory items and asked
me to make a necklace out of it for her. I photocopied and resized
the items. I then made a decorative frame out of argentium silver and
18 k gold…nothing fancy…just leaves, vines and balls. I set the
epoxy in, as I always do…tapped it, settled it, debubbled it…and
I let it set over night (24 hours) as usual. So…I must have not had
the mixture just right because it dried but it has a slight film over
it. Not tacky really…just yucky looking. So my question is (sorry
to be so long winded)…how can I get this yucky epoxy out of my

Aimee Domash:-)

Rio Grande has a product called Attack that will dissolve the epoxy
but leave your metalwork unharmed. I don’t think you’ll be able to
recover the items you set in the epoxy though. I haven’t used Attack
yet, but it was recommended to me by a fellow jewelry artist. Hope
that helps!


So my question is (sorry to be so long winded) can I get this
yucky epoxy out of my pendant. 

Soak the entire piece (not the whole necklace, just the bit with the
epoxy) in Attack, a nasty chemical you can buy from your favorite
jewelry supply house. Soak in a CLOSED container, overnight. That
should do it.

Then maybe upgrade your epoxy to the pourable kind you can measure
in cups.

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Elaine and Beth,

Thank you for the resin tips. I will use the Attack. I don’t know why
I didn’t think of that before. The mementos were just copies so I
will just copy them again and start over after the Attack removes my
old epoxy. I use several brands of epoxy…they are all pourable…so
I’m not sure what you (Elaine) mean by “upgrading”. Thanks for the
info. and I’m sure the pendant will turn out well the 2nd time

Aimee Domash:-)

If you don’t have Attack readily available, you can use paint
stripper. The active ingredient is the same, methylene chloride.

I use paint stripper to take epoxy-mounted stones off the dop.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ