Cleaning druzy in ultrsonic?

Cleaning druzy in ultrsonic? I anyone regularly/safely cleaning
the coated druzy(e.g. titania or platinum) in ultrasonics? Or with
steam? I have not but would not want to damage stone. I’ve been
using mild cleaner, water, and soft brush. Haven’t had problem yet
buy, very time consuming. Regis

I have set a few of these pieces and used both ultrasonic and steam
cleaning on them with no adverse results.

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I’ve never used any of the plated druzies out there, but I’ve found
all natural types to be perfectly durable enough to withstand
ultrasonic. For the record, the ultrasonic I use is a "baby"
ultrasonic, the type that costs $69 with no heater. Regardless, it’s
the only way I’ve found to clean them up. I just place them
upside-down and most of the dirt gets cleaned (shaken) off. Most
brushes don’t have fine enough bristles to really get down between
crystals and clean them to the sparkle that is achievable with
ultrasonic. As for steam cleaning, as I mentioned I don’t have one
so I don’t know for sure, but I think that at least the quartz
druzies would withstand the steam. Can anyone else out there share
any experience on this?


Regis, I just made a piece for a benefit here in town using platinum
durzy and black onyx. I put it in the ultra sonic for a very short
time (under a minute) and had no problems. I may have been lucky and
it may also depend on the structural integrity of each individual
stone. An experienced cutter may be a better judge. Al.

All, I regularly clean quartz druzy in my PROsonic cleaner. I have
noted no problems. I use the same commercial cleaner that I use for
jewelry from Johnson Brothers.

Gerry Galarneau

any drusy that passes the thumbnail test - that is scraping the nail
across the crystals - should be fine. although matrix like an iron
oxide can disappear in an ultra. also, i have had a few crystals on
some uvarovites and kamararites free themselves from their matrix.
this does not seem to happen when there is nothing separating the
crystals from the matrix. or the crystals all seem to grow in the
same direction. these are only my observations, and may have better
explanations from some of the real gemologist people out there. Marty