Cleaning drusy without damage?

Hi one and all. I have some light colored drusy and it is dirty from
people that just have to touch it. What do you recommend to clean it
without damage?

Thanks for your help,

Drusy what? Quartz, cobaltocalcite, uvarovite garnet, or???

Different approaches will be required for different minerals. If it’s
quartz I’d recommend a spray with 409 followed by gentle scrubbing
with an old toothbrush after 10 minutes or so. Rinse in hot water and
dry with soft cloth to prevent spotting. Repeat as necessary. Unless
it’s a crumbly piece it won’t hurt the stone.

Rick Martin

Another item especially good for removing iron stains from quartz is
oxalic acid.


you can find oxalic acid as ZUD or Barkeepers friend at the grocery
or Home depot. Next to the abrasive kitchen cleaners.


Another item especially good for removing iron stains from quartz
is oxalic acid. 

I think he said the stains were dirt from handling, John. Oxalic
would be overkill in this case, I think, but it works well for iron
oxide, as you say.

Rick Martin

i haven’t tried it yet, but I got a water pick dental tool that I’m
going to try on my cabs I cut with druzy to get the polishing
compound out.


You can also steam them, just don’t let then fly out of your holder
or setting

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ Gemmologist

i’d be careful with steam on a drusy that has been treated. I had
some titanium coated ones turn a funny pink color after being

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My wife has bought and sold hundreds of druzies that have been
treated with mercury and titanium. We have steamed and ultrasonically
cleaned them with no damage to any of them, so I wonder what
treatment was used on the ones that got damaged from cleaning. We
have sold the mercury and titanium coated druzies and have not had
customers complaining. We have sold bracelets with large druzies that
probably get some good abrasion and wear and tear by the women who
wear them and we have not had problems. Perhaps there are poor
quality or fake treatments that do not hold up well.

Richard Hart G.G.
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