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Cleaning Drusies

Does anyone have a trick for final polishing on a piece with a
drusy cab so that the cab remains reasonably clean? I have tried
using the flex shaft, but like the finish I get with the wheel so
much better. I’ve also tried covering the drusy with liquid
Dawn, letting it dry overnight and then polishing, but white and
very light colored drusies remain a problem with bits of
polishing compound imbedded between the tiny crystals. I’ve
also tried cleaning with BCR, Mr. Clean, etc. Sure hope someone
can clue me in as I really like working with drusies, but they
are such a pain to cleanup. Thanks.

Nancy <@nbwidmer >
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Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast where for the first time in a month we
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I have found that it is hard to beat plain old Parsons Ammonia.
I use it full strength in a small ziplock baggy that I hang in
the sonic cleaner. Nothing works better for me even the steam
cleaner is no match. Hope this helps. Janine in Sunny cool
Redding, Ca.

Hi, I use an electric toothbrush, the Braun Ultra, which has a
round head. Works well on both my teeth and on cleaning druzy,
crystal specimens, etc.–just use a mild dishwashing solution
such as Sunlight, Ivory, etc, and warm, NOT hot, water; soak and
scrub several times after cleaning to be sure you get all the
soap residue out of the tiny, tiny crevices/cracks. Regards,
Sharon Holt aka @bootsie

Usually, druzy stones are safe in the ultrasound. Discretion must
be used however due to any other stones present.Perhaps you could
suspend the piece so that only the druze is subject to cleaning.
The opal, emerald, or whatever is held out of the solution .
NOTE: some druze may not be safe due to soft bonding to matrix
rock.(cobaltan calcite for example) Use caution unless
replacement is an easy job . Later MTR