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Cleaning display stands

Does anyone have a method for cleaning jewelry display necks and
stands covered with velvet and cloth suede? Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks. Al

Just a guess, maybe a product used to clean athletic shoes? Spray
on, brush off when dry type. Carefull, carbon-tetrachloride is
carcinogenic, or so it is believed.

there are special brushes available to clean velvets but the easiest
method is to use your damp hand to collect stray fuzzies , a slightly
damp cloth to remove stains, or scotch tape…then put your nap back in
order by brushing all one way…or not…sometimes camoflage works
by roughing the velvets

Does anyone have a method for cleaning jewelry display necks and
stands covered with velvet and cloth suede?  

Go to a good shop which sells suede clothing and accessories and ask
for a special suede brush. I even use one for cleaning my precious
classical vinyls. They work well

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Does anyone have a method for cleaning jewelry display necks and
stands covered with velvet and cloth suede?

Al: I use clear tape to clean my velvet jewelry displays. You could
also spend some money and get a lint brush. I don’t have suede, but
maybe a suede cleaner would work and a soft brush.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA
"Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it."

Hi Al, I clean my velvet ones with rolled over wide selotape over my
fingers - time consuming but very effecting to remove dust and they
look like new. Don’t know about removing stains or whatever though.
I don’t know about suede either but hope this helps. best wishes,
Harriet, Hitchin, UK

I have seen people use a paint brush to brush down velvet-covered
display stands/trays. It looked like a good idea to me if all you
want to do is brush off the daily dust/pollen/pollution you encounter
from outside shows. I don’t think you should get velvet wet, though.
Maybe a damp sponge would be ok.

Also, one painter/artist told me that after an outside show he goes
to the gas station and uses their air pump to hose off his paintings.
That might work on velvet.

I’ve also tried using my vacuum cleaner, but probably the easiest is
to just use masking tape rolled around the palm of your hand.


Instead of tape wrapped around your hand, why not buy a cheap lint
brush that is available at pet stores and Target stores,etc. It is
simply masking tape already wound on a handle. As it gets covered
with lint, just tear off a perforated sheet. You can get refills,


Pet supply stores sell a roller` of double-sided sticky paper about 3
inches wide with which you wipe pet hair and dander off clothing,
furniture, etc. When it gets full of lint, hair, etc. just peel off
the top sheet and you’re ready to go again The stuff rotates on its
handle so cleaning with it is really effortless and effective. Dee

If you have soiled areas on your display stands they may be improved
by gently brushing with clean dry cornmeal and a very soft brush. This
will absorb some of the dirt and lift it off. This works especially
well on suede-like surfaces if they are discolored by natural oils
from hands, or lotion, rouge, etc.

I have not yet had to undertake such cleaning, but it occurs to me
that dry shampoo would be worth checking out. It is made for removing
oil from hair. Soiled displays come from the oil and stuff from hands.
Add the use of a very soft brush that will not crush the velvet
texture, and you might have a fresh display piece.

The only problem that occurs to me is that is may have a strong
fragrance. That can be dampened by dusting with baking soda. Once the
smell is knocked down, the soda can be brushed off.

Has anyone out there tried it?