Cleaning contaminated silver

Hi Folks in Orchid land-

It’s been years since I’ve had to share a pickle pot with
others…so I haven’t had any pink-silver from contaminated pickle
to deal with in ages—a blessing and curse…I’m not sure I
remember what is the best way to deal with this dillema—Depletion
guilding?(raise the fine silver?) scotchbrite? sandblast? weapons of
mass destruction?? :wink: Please remind me of the best plan of
action…I want to be response ready! Thanks for your input- =

Ciao- Maureen “yearning for the monsoon”

Brusa Zappellini

Mix a solution of 50%hydrogen peroxide and 50%fresh pickle and soak
your silver in it. The pink should come off.

Connoisseurs makes a silver cleaner that takes off the red/pink color
from a bad pickle pot very well. It is not a paste it is a liquid in
a gray container.

Try it you’ll like it. It has saved me on several occations
especially when there is fine detail work involved or inside the
links of chains. Works great on silver too. Just don’t leave anything
in it for more than a few minutes and rinse it well


I have done this and it worked in less than 10 seconds!

Good luck!


There are many was to clean the silver. One I like is to make a
clean batch of pickle, carefully flux the whole piece, reheat and
pickle as normal. You should be back in business.

Daniel Culver

A much cheaper and effective silver cleaner that is used by some
museums is simply: Take a plastic bowl, line it with baking foil, add
a handful of kitchen lump Soda place article to be cleaned in bowl
making contact with the foil, the pour boiling water to cover piece
to be cleaned. This will not damage the silver and will surprise you
as to the speed of the results.