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Cleaning Black Hills Gold


I have received from a customer a piece of antique tri-colored black
hills gold jewelry. The customer was told that the pieces were put in
a cleaner oxidizer remover. It now has the appearance of being
heavily silver plated, probably transfered from a vermeal chain to the
gold. How do I restore the jewelry to the original tri-color of the
black hills gold?

Don Whitaker
Don’s Custom Jewelry


I wonder if putting it in a silver plating setup with the polarity
reversed would “unplate” it? I don’t really know, and am not
recommending that you do it – unless someone more knowledgeable has
come across this problem before and has tried it successfully –


Hello Don, The fastest way I know to remove a metallic coating is
with heat. Use a torch and get the piece to a dull red. Pickle it out
and the plating will be gone. Have fun. Tom Arnold