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Cleaning 80/20 silver

I tried to clean up about 3 oz of 80/20 silver. I thought by adding
fine silver it would balance out. But when I soldered a bezel onto
the sheet I made, it reticulated!

Can 80/20 be cleaned up? what have I done?!?

Can 80/20 be cleaned up? what have I done?!? 

Sure you can "clean it up. But you have to add a much greater amount
of fine silver. You want to reduce that 20 percent copper to 7.5
percent, which means you’ll have to add about twice the weight of
your 80/20 in fine silver. That’s quite a bit. And given the
sometimes balky nature of silver in rolling good sheet metal, it
might be more advantageous to send it to a refiner and trade it in on
good sterling sheet metal. Costs a bit more, but saves lots of time
and aggrevation…


I always assumed that 80/20 silver was for reticulating. Am I wrong
here? I have a lot of fun with reticulation. It adds an unusual