Clean Shop

Following should be four corner shots of my temporarily clean shop. I thoroughly clean it twice a year, once after Christmas and once in June. It is also a chance to find that perfect cab that fell off the dop stick just as I was done polishing it or the 14K gold snip that flew into the dark beyond. It is always a mystery how things can just disappear in my shop when I drop them. I have found that the best way to look for them is to turn off all the lights and slide a lighted flashlight along the floor. Tiny objects cast a big shadow this way. Happy New Year to all…Rob


Wow! Are you available to do mine? - Lorraine

So when do the tours start? Where is your coffee or tea area? What no fridge for mid-afternoon snacks?.:wink:

Gerry, on my iPhone

Gerry…My shop is where I go to get away from people. I don’t want to encourage them to stop by and certainly don’t want them to stay. Actually, I am working on getting my own sink so that I don’t have to use and dirty up the kitchen sink. Drainage is the bump in the road. Water doesn’t run uphill. I will probably need to buy and install an up pump sump. Thanks…Rob


I fully understand your feelings. During my 10 months long recovery for my third surgery on my spine, I escaped to my bench. No one is allowed to interrupt me, many times I turn off the phone.

When I have bad days, I just take my Opioids and other fun-pills and “escape”.

I do all of m writing of essays downstairs.

Fondest regards and enjoy your wonderful workshop


Gerry, on my iPhone

I’m relieved to know that your shop doesn’t always look this neat.


Beautiful shop!:sunglasses::+1:t3::heart:

The same problem with my basement studio…Tired of going upstairs to use the sink(