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Clean & Reasonably Priced Castings

hi, i love this site. i am new so my question may have been asked
before but…

Can anyone recommend a good casting co. that works in silver and
brass? I am looking for (as i am sure everyone is) for good quality,
clean work with reasonable trunaround. any place in the country is
fine. I have looked in the Ganoksin archive but i love to get real
feedback from people.

i have been using a caster but am finding that their prices are
exorbitant. for example i was quoted $7- for a small leaf that
weighs in silver 1.5 grams. i found a caster in town that charges
.50 cents / per gram - finished (silver only). so i can get for .75
cents what this other person is charging me $7- for!!

BUT the cheaper caster’s silver casts are a bit dirty (bumps and
some irrgularities and dust type looking things - and i gave him a
PERFECT model in copper). does anyone know a good, reliable caster
that can cast in the .50-.60 cent price range per gram (and also
brass, if possible).


Try Billanti Casting Co. 299 South 11th Street New Hyde Park, NY
11041. One of the best and most reasonably priced casting companies
in the business (at least in my opinion).

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

I have been using Harrison Casting in Johnston RI (the Providence
area) 401 - 944 - 3695. I can’t say enough good things about them.
They are affordable enough that I was able to use them when I was a
grad student. Quick reliable turnaround. I only had one batch of
castings that were problematic, and they promptly re-cast the order.
I can’t remember exact rates, but they are unusually reasonable.

I use them for sterling casting, and don’t know if they will cast
other metals, but it’s worth asking.

Good luck to you!

HI (You didn’t include a name, so I can’t address this more

I would heartily recommend Daniel Grandi of Racecar Jewelry
( He has done a bunch of silver work
for me, as well as pewter, and the work is not only well priced, but
also extremely clean and nicely finished. When I get castings back
from him I’m not having to spend lots of time on cleanup before I can
start assembling findings, setting stones, and doing the final
patina work.

He’s an Orchidian, which helps even more.

Definitely worth your consideration. I have no connection other
than Orchid and me being a satisfied consumer of his services.

Good luck!
Karen Goeller

I’ve been using Larry Paul Casting in Philadelphia for more than
twenty years, and I’ve been very happy with them. I’ve handed them
some very difficult stuff over the years, and they have always done
a wonderful job at a very reasonable price. They’re at 740 Sansom
St, Philadelphia PA 19106 and their number is 215-928-1644

Janet Kofoed