Clean diamond?

Clean diamonds??

While the horrors of the Rebels of South Africa continue, do we
really believe legislation is going to stop the decades of blood? The
book “The Last Empire”, tells the truth about DeBeer’s history. The
real agenda is DeBeers entiring the US marketplace. Does DeBeers
selling diamonds over the net in England last year give an indication
of what we have to expect in the US.

On one hand, we are told how they really do not control the market

place however the actions tell us otherwise. Who is trying to buy the
new frozen Canada sites. Ashton Mining Ltd, Snap Lake, and Davik are
all new diamond finds all purchased all or in part by DeBeers.

DeBeers is now an independent name to be used to sell diamond direct

to the consumer. DeBeers is now branding with LVMH. Piaget, Baume
Mercier, Tag, Ebel, and Cartier are all brands owned by LVMH. Does the
small independent jeweler have a chance? Are the contributions to the
Senators and Government policymakers going to protect the jewelers
interest. Can the Diamond site holders fight DeBeers and stay in

Wake up people! This is not to protect the poor suffering people of
Africa! This is to control the market and sell direct to your
customer! Can you fight DeBeers and win. I do not think so but please
lets not close our eyes to the real agenda. We need to keep DeBeers
out of the US. When Mr. Openheimer died last year, only $500,000
million was left in South Africa to pay Taxes. Somehow, all the money
had left the country. Bill Clinton pardons did not have anything to do
with the contributions and I have Oceanfront property in Arizona for
sale. Anybody want buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

A concerned jeweler!

Dan Dement, De Beers most definitely has other agendas on their plate
now, but this is being driven by their need to continue to please
their shareholders in the constantly changing marketplace.
Incidentally, pleasing shareholders is what drives all major
corporations, so before you decide De Beers is all bad bear that in
mind. De Beers over the years has guaranteed a minimum price on
diamonds which ultimately has benefited all jewelers who have sold
diamonds. Since diamonds seem to be as common as dirt, it has been
critical to the marketplace that De Beers has existed and continued to
support the price. Unfortunately it is unrealistic to expect one
company to continue to stockpile billions and billions of dollars
worth of diamonds to maintain a price that all the other suppliers
benefit from but don’t have to do anything in order to continue to
reap the benefits from.

De Beers is moving rapidly toward trying to establish a presence in
the US. So what? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to sell your
non De Beers diamonds because of that? In the long run it should be
good for the marketplace as De Beers is trying to add value to the
product. They are currently trying to force their sightholders to do
just that. What is wrong with adding value? It just means that we
will all be able to sell our product at a higher price. Please
remember that De Beers has too much invested in diamonds to ever do
something that will negatively impact the price of diamonds. Should we
have banned internet commerce because it allows/allowed jewelry
companies to market directly to our customers? The solution, as
always, is to produce a product no one else does and sell it to the
best of your ability. Stop complaining about your competition. Make
yourself better than them instead.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
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