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Clean Benches and other stuff

Hi all –

I’ve just returned from a 17 day much needed vacation. The plan
was I would access my mail from out of town, but due to one thing
and/or another, that didn’t happen. Anyway I returned last night
to a mail box with over a thousand ( that’s right - 1000)
emails. It may take me a few days to get through it all, but
that’s okay – I can put off cleaning up the workbench (ugh!) for
a few more days. I really got a few tickles reading some of
those benchtop posts - much needed after having my flight home
cancelled and – then, the next day --the fun and anticipation of
another expected cancellation. Anyway I got home, threw my
suitcases on the floor and went directly to email. Wow, did I
miss a lot of good stuff! IAC, that will be the reason any
responses I post will be late. See ya –