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Claypot, Fragments business experience

jill; was wondering if you do business with claypot or
fragments?..if so what was or is your experience with each gallery?
thanks lisa mcconnell

Hi Lisa, I have not done any business with either one. I filled out
a form and sent in pictures of my work to The Clay Pot a few years
back and did not receive a response. With Fragments I have gone in
to show my work and received a favorable response, except that I had
maybe 15 pieces in production at that time and they like to show
collections of 40-50 pieces or else it gets lost in their showroom.
I also went in for a job interview about a month ago - they were
looking for a designer to handle specific requests that buyers have
when they do not see what they want in the showroom. And I keep
playing with the idea of going back once I am ready to start doing
my own designs on a full time basis. For now I have decided that my
best course of action is to find a design job that will provide a
regular paycheck and benefits. Are you familiar with them? If not,
I mentioned them because I have heard good things said of them from
quite a few places. Fragments, I believe, charges a $350 per month
fee plus a percentage of sales to be in the showroom. But it is well
worth it if you can handle large orders. If you want to know
anything in particular about them please feel free to write back and
I will answer if I can.