Listen up folks! I have discovered the most amazing product!
Everyone needs it in their shop! While having my teeth molded at
the dentist, I watched the technician and how she was using the
compound. I then asked if it was flexible, took any heat, and what
kind of shelf life it has. I figure if it molds the accuracy needed
for a tooth, it had to be good. The name of this stuff is "EXAFLEX"
It works like a dream. It’s a two part putty that sets up in three
minutes. It will take the heat of your wax. The mold is flexible for
easy release. It’s fabulous! You can pick up textures from anything
and incorporate them into your designs. Mold all kinds of things
shells, buttons etc… and have a wax in minutes. I have been using
this for two years now and all my molds are good as new. I can’t say
enough about this stuff. Do try it and let me know how you like it.


Exaflex is about $ 50 for 100 gr. of the putty and the catalyst. I
do not see any advantage over Quick Sil or Moldex. Best, Will

Please tell us more about Quick Sil and Moldex. Always looking for
an alternitive. Yes Exaflex is $50. but you can get many, many, many
molds out of it. And when it’s just the right thing you need, time
is money. The quality of your reproduction is supurb. LaVerne