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Claudio Pino - Jewelry Gallery


The Power of Rings. What makes a ring powerful? Is it the interplay of shifting light, shadow and depth created by the unique combination of metallic, matched colors, or is it the vintage surface that recalls memories and projects unmistakable power?

Since 1995, I have been dedicated exclusively to jewelry design, particularly one-of-a-kind sculptural rings. My artistic interests have been drawn to the personal relationship people have with the jewelry they wear. Sometimes, I add meticulous mechanisms to give the stone set the freedom to follow the owner’s movements, reflecting the wearer in many small, intricate ways. Each of my designs represent a different thematic system—a mirror of multiple metaphors. Whether exploring systems in motion, metamorphosis of insects or the pace of urban life, my passion awakens first in the transformation of the raw material.

During the creative process, I never forget that someone will be wearing the ring. Therefore, rings first need to be very comfortable and belong to the hand. My rings come alive only when they find their owners.

Making jewelry is a way to express emotions, ideas, and narratives, and share them with others. It is also a way to stimulate our senses. The transformation of raw materials into something usable is limited only by our imaginations. – Claudio Pino. – Claudio Pino

925 silver, onyx, nacre, yellow prehnite
Claudio Pino



950Pt/ru platinum, 14k gold, yellow diamonds, ruby, carnelian.
Claudio Pino


Protea’s Moonlight Ring

With Yellow Diamonds and Onyx - (2012)
Claudio Pino


Platinum Fleur de Neige (2013)

18k Gold,950 Platinum, Amethyst.
Claudio Pino


Trilogy (2013)

Platinum 950, 14k gold, prasiolite, amethysts
Claudio Pino


Golden Primavera

Claudio Pino


La bague Philomène.

Wedding Ring/Bague de mariage (2013)
Platinum and Diamonds & Ruby/Platine et diamant et
Claudio Pino


Océanide, Nymphe de la Mer (2013)

950Pt/ru platinum, Tahiti pearl, amethyst, phrenite.
Claudio Pino


Vena Amoris - Custom Ring (2013)

Claudio Pino


Fleur des Andes (2013)

Claudio Pino


Oceanid- Nymphe de la Mer

Materials: Platinum Pt950/ Ru, Phrenite, Amethyst, Tahitian Pearl
Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.47 x 2.54

With the ring entitled Océanide—Nymphe de la Mer, I present homage to the magnificent beauty of the natural Tahitian pearl. This design portrays the continuous movements of the sea, the cycle of the oceans. The twisted platinum wires evoke the powerful waves, while the luminous pearl represents the Nymph of the Sea, standing out of the salted water. The Australian yellow prehnite and vivid purple amethyst are like beautifully colored sea anemones shining in the obscurity. I honored the pearl in my design by drawing out her uniqueness, her poetry, and her preciousness. Inspired by Greek mythology, this ring celebrates the sea, which unites us, all the continents in one unity.

Photo credit: Claudio Pino


Vena Amoris

Materials: 14k Gold, 925 Silver, Amethyst, Pearl, Fire Opal
Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.3 x 1

Vena Amoris, a Sculptural Ring that juxtapose icy silver with the warm glow of gold, calm amethyst, to a vivid fire opal, complimented with the fresh hue of white pearl.

Photo credit: Claudio Pino


Simply amazing work. What a unique and beautiful style.


Great work.
True “Art” jewelry.
(love the detail)