Classes or Apprenticeships in NYC?

Hi all-knowing list,

I’m a designer who needs to move beyond beading and on to the next
level of soldering, enameling and cutting stones. Every time I read
your messages about metalliferous, epoxy, torches, and tool
organization I get weak in the knees.

Can anyone recommend a class or a place I can apprentice in the New
York City area? I’ve looked at the regulars, but would love to hear
recommendations from the list.


Janet, I don’t know about apprenticeships. I have taken a number of
classes over the years. One of the important considerations is to
find out about whomever is teaching the class and find out as much
as you can about their teaching style. Get a glimpse of their work
also if you can, it might tell you some additional Get
a couple of opinions on the class and the teachers don’t rely on
just one. Here is a link for some schools:
Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos I have taken
enameling classes at both the 92nd St. Y and the Craft Student
League in the evening. I liked them both. Kathy Woods is an
enameling instructor who teaches at both school and teaches at the
Newark Museum. I have also taken classes w/ Honey Jean Larber at
92nd St Y. I like both instructors, and once you know the basics
you have a fair latitude about what you can work on. Both schools
have a decent selection of classes including some of the areas you
are interested in. Many years ago I took evening classes at F.I.T.
Mostly in sawing and soldering. I took other various courses
including silversmithing, moldmaking, stone setting, and gemology.
I have not taken classes at FIT for quite some time. I believe the
Jewelry Arts Institute classes are very structured about what they
teach. I have never taken classes there. The other schools I am not
familiar w/, hopefully some others on the list can provide
additional Joel

For classes I suggest you contact Robert or Hiroko Streppone at
Studio Jewelers, tel (212) 686-1944,

I’ve been taking classes there since last fall and find their
approach practical, insightful, centrally located (31st St/Park
Ave.), reasonably priced, with very good studio hours, and with a
solid repertoire of techniques to learn from, including soldering,
wax modeling, jewelry rendering & design, enameling, beading,
jewelry repairs & diamond setting among others.

Usual disclaimer… :wink: