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Classes in Ventura or Camarillo California area

Hello All,

Does anyone have any suggestions for good Metalsmithing classes in
or near Ventura or Camarillo California?

Either workshops, or continuing Adult education programs at
community or state colleges would be much appreciated!!

I searched the web, but it is getting so very cluttered, and
broad… I also tried the archives, but didn’t turn anything up.

Best regards,
Julie Balonick

Hi Julie,

I teach metalsmithing, enamelling, and jewelry design from right
here in Ventura. Please contact me off orchid at:


please visit my website to see some of my work:

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

jennifer friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, hollow ware,
ceremonial silver, and restoration
Ventura, CA

Hi Julie:

The closest program I know of to the Ventura area is Santa Barbara
City College’s Adult-Ed program. We have a very good studio, with a
wide range of classes. Everything from casting to fabrication,
to…almost anything. It’s a beautiful studio, and a great bunch of
people. We have people coming up from Camarillo on a regular basis,
so you might be able to carpool. (Disclaimer: I’m one of the
instructors, so perhaps I’m a bit biased about it being a great
program. But it is!)

Contact me directly, and I can give you all the details. We just
started spring term, so our next open classes will be in about 8

Brian Meek.

The instructor who wrote about the class was a very good bit of

However this is also something you may be interested in. This is
from The Ventura Gem & Mineral Society. Their home page is

Would you like to learn how to cut and polish rocks? Come to our
lapidary class for a hands-on experience in cutting and polishing
rocks." "The class will be held on Monday evenings from 6:00 to
8:30 starting March 26, and will last 5 weeks until April 23.
Bring your own rock or slab if you like, but there will be plenty
of slabs there for your use. We will be using the slab and trim
saws and our grinding and polishing machines.

By the way, there are, if not directly by the club, “classes” that
members use (as they do in Ogden). In other words torches, etc. are
available to turn those cut stones into jewelry, and some people who
know a thing or two from experience. You may want to join this club
(or at least look into it). And by all means that class (City
College’s Adult-Ed program) is, I think, something to look into also.

hi all!

i am interested in coming to America to study jewelry on a full time
basis… in particular Los Angeles or nearby,

which college do u think offers the best for jewelry design and
jewelry making?

thanks in advance



I don’t know of any jewelry schools or schools teaching jewelry in
Ventura or Camarillo, but if you would contact me off orchid I will
try to help you.

I am in Ventura, CA
Jennifer friedman


I believe the following is what they are looking for, this wasn’t
easy to find. There are only five in California; the first two are
worth looking into. (Private school.)

Here are the others. (art 150, 151, 270)

As you mentioned Ventura or Camarillo, I would suggest to most if in
that area,something like this, instead. To Wit: “The fully functional
shop allows members of various skill to cut and polish their rock
finds under the guided supervision of an experienced CGMC Club
member. A reservation with any Shop Foreman is required for shop
access (their numbers are listed on the front inside cover of our
monthly bulletin The Rocky Review). For those too new to have their
own rock materials, there are some nice pieces available in the shop
from member donations that may be worked.”

Or even, this

I do not have a clue why this kind of resource is so often ignored,
as if it is of no worth. The topic of how to get started is always
coming up. After all the same basic skills can be learned, often well
above the basic. In any event should one decide to lean more, they
are a light year ahead. You may be surprised at some of what is
availabe out there, to wit. Live in the area, want a piece of opal to
cut that above class, nice enough without bankruptcy, not sure whom
to trust for the money? After all how would you know? See the first
below. Also see their instructions and class (all) links. To find a club near you

I will also mention that there are often other resources, a class in
Ogden is affiliated with the Golden Spike Club. The following
classes are not (they are all reasonably close), North Ogden, Roy
(they have a centrifugal caster), Clearfield, Kaysvile, and a new one
in Riverdale. I think these are to be found under parks and
recreation. In any event your fellow gem and jewelry junkies will be
aware of them. You could learn a thing or two, clubs also put on
shows, as in have stone, turquoise, lapis, opal, and some faceting
grades, as well as (in Ogden) Diamond Pacific selling tools. And etc.
Never think you will learn it all, take advantage of a gift horse.

Jake and Phung,

The first 2 schools you came up with are both in the San Francisco
area. Phung is looking for southern CA north of the LA area.

Polamar is around San Diego mpc is Monterrey a good 7 hours north of
Venutura Santa Rosa is also much further north. Conejo is closer and
about 25 mi south of Ventura, but not a jewelry school And Oxnard
Parks and Education is okay and closer to where you are interested
in. Most classes are held in the evening.

Thanks Jake for all your work in locating the I think I
will look into teaching in Oxnard Parks & Education. Good Job.

Ventura, CA