Classes and workshops in CA?


I came out to CA to do the Contemporary Crafts Mkt. show and will be
here for a few weeks. I’m in Laguna Beach right now. I was hoping to
possibly take a jewelry workshop while I’m here. I really would like
to take a cloissane enameling workshop. Does anyone know of one
around this area in June or July?



I am in Ventura just north of you closer to Santa Barbara and I
teach cloisonne enamel. I am here for the rest of June and all but
one week in July.

you can reach me at: @jennifer_friedman

Hi Poppy -

Oooh! Laguna Beach. One of my favorite places on the planet. Will
you be there after the Fourth of July so you can go to the Sawdust
Festival, The Festival of the Masters (and the Pageant of the
Masters) and The Art A’Fair??

I know that the Fine Arts Center in Irvine (very close to Laguna) has
offered enamel classes in the past, but I don’t see one in their
downloadable summer catalog. Perhaps they can give you the number of
an instructor. Their number is 949-724-6880.


Look into Laguna Beach School of Art. I have taught Enameling there.
I don’t know if they have a class right now.

Sue Ann Dorman

CIJT has enameling and cloinonne with Linda Crawford in July and
Yemin filagree and granulation by Yehuda Tasa in August.

Other classes include Digital Goldsmith, Metal Weaving, Gem Carving
and Stone setting.

Check the site School is located in Northern
California, Carmichael, suburb of Sacramento.

Dee Rouse Huth
California Institute of Jewelry Training

Thanks for the info on the classes in Irvine Linda. I will check into
it. Also thanks to everyone else who had suggestions. I’m still
looking at my options. As for Laguna Beach. Yes I think I definately
landed in Paradise. It’s the closest thing to Hawaii on the mainland
that I’ve seen. I’m easily turning into a beach bum. And yes I will
be here for the Sawdust Festival and the Festival of the Arts. I’m
really looking forward to them.

Thanks again