[Class] [WI] Classical Japanese Metal Work

I will be teaching a class on Classical Japanese metal work the last
week of July. A window of time opened up for me on rather short
notice, but I would like to see if we can get in another fair
wheather class this season at Door County Forge. There is a video
and slides of the previous class on Youtube you can see it on my
website here, http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/pq

Introduction to Classical Japanese Metal Work.
Instruction by Patrick Hastings
(Next class scheduled for July 25th-29th, 2011
class will run with a minimum of 3 students)

A five day introductory class on the creation and use of Tagane.

In this class you will learn to, shape, heat-treat, and sharpen the
tools for selected classical Japanese metalworking techniques. A
hammer will be provided and is yours to keep. I will demonstrate the
making of Matsuyani in the begining of the class and we will use that
in the pitch blocks to hold our work. Using these tools you will be
introduced to KataKiribori, a wonderfully elegant type of Japanese
hand Engraving that will drive you crazy in more ways that one…
Followed by Basic inlay techniques such as Hira Zogan ( flush inlay)
and Taka Zogan (raised inlay). The basics of Japanese metal carving
will be explored through Taka Zogan. The work will be executed on
copper practice plates with selections of Silver, Shakudo, and
Shibiuichi for inlays. Finally we will color our work useing the
classical Niage technique (boiling in a solution of Roshuko and

Minimum of 3 students to run.
Class tuition $1000 per person.

Tools and materials are included most of which you get to take home
with you. The Pitch blocks that you will be useing during the class
will be available for purchase separately should you desire to take
one home.

It is recommended you bring, casual clothes that you don’t mind
getting a little dirty. Feel free to bring Vision aids such as an
Optivisor if you need or want one. Please bring your own jeweler’s
saw, but if you don’t have one there will be some you can borrow.

Classes start at 9am, there is a break for lunch and while classes
are only slated to 6pm they tend to run on informally for a couple
more hours for those that want to keep working. Location, Sturgeon
bay Wisconsin. Contact Ric Furrer of Door County Forge for directions
and recommended accommodations and payment options.

Patrick Hastings