[Class] The Business of Fashion - Marketing and PR

Hello Orchid Friends…

I want to introduce you to a great new school in downtown NYC. Its a
sewing school run by the super talented Sheila Walker - a bathing
suit and clothing designer. We both built up our businesses from
shear will, talent and determination. We now co-teach a class
together at her school that will benefit jewelry designers as well
as fashion designers.

Be well!

The Business of Fashion - Marketing and PR
Lab Length:3 Hour Workshop


Jewelry designer, Dede Sullivan of Dedemetal will join Sheila Walker
to give you the ultimate insider’s crash course on Marketing and PR
in the Fashion Industry. Find out how to become your own publicist
and PR person and why self promotion is so vital. Learn how to create
impressive press kits and write exciting press releases. Other
aspects of the business to be covered include retail and wholesale
pricing, sample making, trade shows and showrooms.

Available Labs: Wednesday, March 16 6:30 - 9:30pm

To sign up go to:

DeDe Sullivan
dedemetal jewelry