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[Class] The Business of Being an Artist

Hi All,

I’m passing the word on about a 6-class course being offered by the
Brickbottom Artists’ Assn in Boston in January and February. I know
the instructor. He is very smart and he understands what artists

See below for details.

The Business of Being an Artist

In tight economic times artists need to be more business savvy
than ever. In this 6-class Brickbottom Artists Association (BAA)
series, business consultant Alden Zecha will help you with
marketing strategies, help you improve sales, and help you save
money on taxes and insurance. BAA membership is not required to
attend and you can sign up for individual classes or the complete
series at a discount.

Classes include:

YOU Are Your Brand - Getting Your Work Seen - Money Isn’t a Four
Letter Word - Things You’d Pay a Lawyer to Tell You - Dealing
With the Tax Man - Benefits and Retirement

Instructor Alden Zecha has more than 20 years experience in
business including founding and running five businesses. He has
also worked as a consultant to such firms as Goldman Sachs,
FedEx, Cummins and numerous early stage ventures, family
businesses, and non-profits. For more details click here for a
PDF sheet, email or call