Class ring construction

Can anybody tell me about construction methods of American class
rings? The detail is just incredible in some examples. Are the
master patterns made in wax by very gifted jewellers’ with
Superman-like eyesight or are there simpler methods? I imagine
these manufacturers have basic ring blanks they just add each
college crest and names to. Is this correct? regards, Johnny
Sherry Kaikohe, New Zealand.

No - We don’t have Superman-like eyesight. However, we do have
highly sophisticated CAD/CAM equipment running with proprietary
software which allows us to put the smallest of details into the
shank of a ring.

Most of the class rings are cast from waxes from metal molds.
Most of these molds have several pieces, two sides, an insert for
the inside of the ring, and a removable top section that has the
bezel design cut into it. The designs are pantographed, engraved,
or cut with a CNC milling machine.

Rick Hamilton

Dear Denise & Johnny,

I know quite a bit about class ring mfg in America. I will post
the process sometime soon. I’ve just returned from vacation and
have a lot of prep work to do for this fall at our colege here in
Minnesota. If you would like to see one of my rings, it is posted
on the Orchid gallery page.


TR the Teacher & Student