[Class] Matrix CAD/CAM

Hi all,

I wanted to leave a special note to the Orchid forum which will have
an impact on all of our students. We are an educational partner with
Gemvision, providers of the award winning software for Jewelry CAD,
Matrix. The Matrix 7.0 has been released and is now available for
$295.00 with full time student enrollment with us. The Jewelry CAD
Institute provides real time instruction of Matrix online 24/7 with
books and video feeds. Once you enroll with us in our Basic,
Intermediate, and Advanced modules you will be provided with a
Student ID, form to receive the student version of the software for
one year. It is important to note this is available for USA domestic
students only at this time. Please inquire with us for further
details. This is an exceptional learning opportunity to anyone
interested in learning CAD for jewelry modeling and design.

Russ Hyder