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[Class] Gem Lab Classes at FIT


Gem-A (the world’s longest-established provider of gemology
education) is presenting a Gemology Lab Class at FIT in New York (15
and 16 May) - this is aimed at designer/makers as well as others in
the jewellery industry. It does form the practical endorsement part
of our Gemmology Foundation Course, but is also a stand-alone two
days which requires no previous expereince - just an enquiring mind
and an interest in gems. It’s being presented by Gary Roskin - a
well known and highly experienced gemologists and gem teacher. You
can find full details at



Dr Jack Ogden

Gem-A (the world's longest-established provider of gemology

Mr. Ogden, I’'ve not heard the name “Gem-A” before. Has the
Gemological association of Great Britain always used this trade name,
or is this new? Just wondering how long my head has been in the

Peter Rowe


Hi Peter - Gem-A is a name that the Gemmological Association of
Great Britain has used for some 10 years - we needed something short
that people would remember (failed there with you, obviously!), one
that could form an easy brief web address and which could be
printed/engaved on the equipment we sell… Our official name is
still the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, you can think of
Gem-A as a brand name

The history of our names is a long one - we actually started off in
1908 as the Gemmological Committee of the National Association of
Goldsmiths, only becoming the Gemmological Association in 1931 - the
same year that our first US Graduate Robert Shipley too the initial
steps to establish the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).

Jack Ogden