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[Class] Careers in Jewelry


I hope some of you can join Alan for this exciting class offered by
the Learning Annex in downtown San Francisco.

Careers in Jewelry for Professionals and Hobbyists with Alan Revere

This is a rare opportunity to meet and learn from one of the
country’s foremost jewelry educators, Alan Revere. An award-winning
and internationally acclaimed teacher of the craft, his work has been
called “mathematical artistry’ by the San Francisco Examiner,
“exotic” by the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times raves
"delicate and graceful.” See for yourself as Alan shares his mastery
and first-hand career advice for the many avenues available in
jewelry making.

Alan’s wealth of knowledge will expose you to several different
jewelry techniques and career options with a unique historical
perspective on each. You’ll be captivated by Alan’s spectacular slide
presentation beginning with fifteenth century Italy, Then you’ll
explore the evolution of the craft in eighteenth century France,
nineteenth century Germany and twentieth century India, Thailand and
North America.

Techniques covered include: o Casting o Fabrication o
Electroforming o Anti-clastic forming o Mokume gane o Lapidary work
o Fusion o Reticulation o And many more!

You’ll follow the career paths of some of the world’s most
successful craft artists as they shaped their passion into lucrative
career. Register today and find the craft that will drive you to a
successful career in jewelry.

Offered by: The Learning Annex Phone: (415) 788-5500 Location:Downtown
San Francisco Sec. A Jan. 27 from 6:45-900 pm Sec. B Feb. 27 from
6:45-9:30 pm Members online fee $39 / online fee $44 Members course
fee $44 / Course fee $49

Christine Dhein Assistant Director Check out our web site at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts 760 Market
Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102 phone: (415) 391-4179
fax: (415) 391-7570 e-mail: @Christine_Dhein