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I have always been intrested in clasps,or any other way of
joining bracelets,chains,watches,neck pieces etc.I would love to
hear of new ideas in making and functionallity of clasps.

from Jaco

I recently improvised a clasp for a bracelet I had made. It was
a pin (silver wire) on a chain inserted into the hinge knuckles
(see bracelet on
A customer who wore the bracelet often said the pin was coming
loose and wanted a more secure clasp on the bracelet. Not
wanting to use a different type of clasp and change the design of
the bracelet, I took off the pin and chain, soldered a joint
(like the kind used on brooches) to the farther side of the end
bracelet link and a catch on the end closest to the joining end
and used an L shaped pin in the hinge that, when pushed into the
knuckles, snaps into the catch (see very bad picture below). The
result was a very happy customer and a new and improved clasp for
me to use. If you want a better picture, I could draw a better
illustration and send it to you.

   /  <nub to lift open the pin

/ \ < L shaped pin
O__________u_ . _ O = joint
| || u = catch
| |
. = hole to insert pin
| | |


Would sure appreciate a better picture etc… I have a terrible
time getting a clasp that I like on my designs… I have tried to
get one of those German clasps that a designer uses and no one in
this country has one… Its the tube setting the has a small
spring in it and is pracitically minute…wonderful… But can’t
find it here… So always interested in clasps… thanks for the
better picture to come and will also try to see your bracelet on
the site you mentioned… Thanks agian… Calgang

Your clasp design sounds interesting. Would you please make a
better drawing and send it to me. I am having trouble visualizing
the catch. Ed Ward Ward’s Stone Creations

for a good selection of european clasps, tools, etc. write to:


They have an excellent supply of findings that you cant here in the US