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Clasps structural necessities

I like the look of clasps which resemble a “C” (actually, 2 “Cs”)
almost closed, but with a slit in each of them, where they would
slipped together to close the clasp. I experimented with making a
pair out of brass washers, but they slipped open too easily.

Can anyone advise me on the structural “necessities” of this type of
clasp? (Some varying forms are shown on p. 453 of Rio Grande’s
2007-2008 Gems & Findings catalog.) Would a slit in only one of the
"Cs" work? Is thick or thin metal better? Is the width of the slit

I drilled holes in the washers, at 90 degrees from the slit, to
attach the clasps to a bracelet with jump rings. This way, it is
solderless and more useful to my students.

Any advice would be appreciated – Judy Bjorkman

Judy, I have not examined the ‘bought’ ones but I think the slit is
not a flat cut but a ‘V’ so the two discs have to be lined up exactly
parallel to slide open. The gap would not be wide enough for the flat
disc the slide through. (Now I want to experiment myself.)

Good luck, jeanette

judy, it sounds as though you are describing a sister clasp. alan
revere teaches making a sister clasp in one of his videos (and dvds,
now, i assume.) i don’t recall which volume, but it was one of the
first few ones teaching basic fabrication methods.

jean adkins