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Clasp on ball chain

I have some fabulous sterling silver ball, chain but I do not know how to put a clasp on it. Occurred to me do they sell the little clasp in silver?

Perhaps something like this will work?

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Thank you that’s exactly what I found as well. It was a pretty lame question as I figured it out right as I pushed send. Thank you for the recommendation

You can also solder a small silver jump ring on each end of your chain, and use other styles of clasps, or one of your own creation.


It’s okay. There are no stupid questions. I have also dropped bead chain into end caps as well with a lobster claw tip. Check out this article, if you’re interested: Tips for Chain End Finishing. I prefer that method because It looks nicer in my opinion. It’s the tip at the bottom of the page called: An alternative way to end footage chain. Have fun! :blush:


great article, thank you!

i think i am now in love with tube ends! they look easy to hold!


Another great variation on these is coiled ends. I use my Durston jump ringer to make coils, then cut off segments. At one end, bend the last loop upward so it’s perpendicular to the tube and tuck the end inside. If you’re going to use the tubes on leather cord etc, pull the last loop on the other end out a little ways so that it doesn’t get soldered into the rest of the coil. I run a little line of paste solder inside the coil and flow that so that I’m working with a solid piece before I do anything else. Continue as described in the linked article.

For leather cord, use that little free tail to sort of clamp the cording in place in addition to using glue inside the tube. These look great and it’s a lot cheaper than buying either finished tube findings or even just tubing. Plenty sturdy, too.

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