Clasp imbedded in the pearl

Hi all, I’ve been stringing pearls for some time but haven’t had to
restring the kind with the clasp imbedded in the pearl. Does anyone
know how this is done? The female end with the metal threaded piece
inside the pearl seems obvious but I’m not sure how to approach the
male end where the metal threaded end is on one side of the pearl
and the silk comes out of the other. I’ve tried soaking the pearl for
2 days in both warm water and acetone (separately) with no luck of
removing the threaded end of the clasp. I’ve tried loosening it with
pliers (after protecting it with a plastic straw), but no luck. I’d
hate to turn this one away if there is an easy solution. Does anyone
have a clue? Thanks Orchidians!

Clueless in Indy

Screw the two clasp pearls together and then put them in boiling
water and the pull them apart. One end will come out, repeat boiling
and gently pull the other end out with pliers. Boiling water has
succeeded for me when acetone and other solvents fail. Once you get
the hang of it you can do this at the bench with a 1/8 cup steel
measuring cup and a torch.

Hope that helps,



What you are dealing with is known as a “Magic Clasp” If you have
access to a book called “The Best Little Beading Book” by Wendy
Simpson Connor, Look on pages 114 and 115 and it gives you detailed
directions how to string/restring using this clasp.

If you don’t have the book, let me know and I will scan the
and send it to you.


I have used a (cleaned of all lead first) soldering gun to soften the
cement, or at times screwed another piece into the clasp and warmed
this extension gently with a torch till I could pull out the clasp
piece. Once you have one piece out you can use it as the 'extension’
for the other end. Do not burn the bead, just warm the metal enough
to soften the cement.