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Clasp ID?

I saw several jewelers at SOFA Chicago using a manufactured clasp
system I would really like to get my hands on, and I’m hoping someone
can help. I was told it is German. There is a very small "tongue"
with a bulbous end that inserts into a hole, compressing a spring. It
stays in place with a slight twist. It was used at both ends of
various decorative clasps, usually cylindrical, so that they could be
used interchangably on assorted strands of pearls or other necklaces.
It is small, easy to use, attractive, classy. Anybody have a clue?


Noel, a small clue

Ebay link removed - picture posted at

this link can probably not be posted on orchid. It appears to be
like the clasp you described. I also would be very interested in
findindg a source for such a clasp.(I have no interest in buying the
patent) If you do locate the source, please let us know. If you
want to e-mail me direct, www.@andrew_charvoz . that is O.K.

Thank you, Andrew, but as far as I can tell from the picture, the
clasp I am looking for is completely different. Ah, those
hard-to-draw word pictures!

Let me take another stab at it.

The clasp system I am interested in is typically used in pairs, to
make a decorative “bead” that holds a necklace together but can be
removed and replaced with another similarly equipped clasp, or the
clasp can be used on assorted strands with the right terminals. On
the strand, there is a male part, maybe a quarter inch
long–essentially, a wire with a specially shaped ball on the end,
usually at each end of the necklace. The clasp has a hole. When you
insert the “wire” part into the hole, you are compressing a spring.
When it is fully inserted, a slight twist causes it to stay in
place. This actually makes the clasp invisible. The parts can be
cemented into pearls, for example, for a “claspless” look. The
"ball" on the end of the stalk or wire must not be spherical, but I
didn’t really get a chance to examine this as I wished.

I’m not sure that I have seen this used by more than one company,
but the rep who showed one piece to me said it is from Germany, and
didn’t say that it is the artist’s special patent or any such. But
it may well be. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who the artist is.
They were pretty spectacular pieces, with gorgeous strands of

I can design something that would work similarly, but 1) my work
isn’t in the price range yet that would justify the time for all
that engineering and 2) I haven’t yet figured out how you get a
spring inside such an object after all heat work is done, so you
don’t anneal the spring (laser welding?). So I guess I’m saying, I
can picture how the innards would be arranged, but I’m not good
enough to actually make it.

So, if this rings a bell with anyone who may have a source, that
would be great!



I am not positive that this is what you are looking for but if you
have the Stuller #36 Findings Book check out page 492. They show a
Snapfix & Snapfix - Duo interchangeable clasp - system.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry

Hi Noel,

I’m pretty sure I may have one of the clasps you are asking about.
I bought it in Tucson last year. I purchased it from CV. Yunisari
who operated out of Bali and said they were not returning to Tucson

There was a message on Orchid from someone at Rings’nThings asking
about them after that and I don’t see that he got an answer. Search
the archives under Yunisari to bring up that post. I don’t know how
to post a picture but I would be happy to drop it in the mail so you
could examine it to your hearts content. I also asked about
reordering and they had a $2500 minimum but if anyone knows where
they are maybe we could get together a group order.

PS I just saw an email address on the receipt and will send an email
right away.

Betty Belmonte


Noel, you might try “LA CLASPS”. They deal in pearl clasps. Hopes
this helps.



Two sources for you for the clasp that I think you are looking for.
Generally called a Bayonet clasp, you can order a version from
Stuller. They call their clasp SNAPFIX CLASP SYSTEM. You can buy the
’male’ ends that can either be soldered onto a chain or neckpiece
and either a selection of pre-made bead shaped double 'female’
fitted clasps or the individual female clasps that can be inserted
into beads or other fabricated pieces. I haven’t used their product
so cannot offer comment on how well they work but Stuller is pretty

The other product that I have used and like is by a company in
Germany called Nittel. Their website is:

The company is very prompt to respond to emails, produce an
excellent product with lots of variations on the various components.
Highly recommended.

These bayonet clasps incorporate a tubular structure (either a short
single ‘female’ or a double ended ‘female’ which you either solder
or glue inside a bead or other decorative piece that will become the
finished clasp. Into this tube you insert a spiral steel spring
(which is replaceable) and a gold end-cap. The male clasps are
fitted to a chain or strand of pearls/beads and you connect the two
by inserting the male end into the female receptacle, pushing agains
the tension of the spring then turning clockwise to lock and
conversly pushing in and rotating counterclockwise to release. I
have had no problems with them opening when I didn’t want to open
and we have used hundreds of these systems in our work.

Llyn Strelau
Jewels By Design
Calgary Alberta, Canada

Hi Llyn,

Do you have an e-mail address for the German company–Nittel? Or
phone number?
On my machine, the web-site comes up showing the clasps, and they
look exactly like what I am looking for.
However, on my computer, there is no contact

Thank you. Andrew

Hi group, the web address that I gave for the Nittel clasp company
was not quite correct. If you drop the last couple of bits on the
end it will go to the company home page from which you can access
either the English or German versions of their complete website:

Llyn Strelau
Jewels By Design
Calgary Alberta, Canada