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G’day; When needing to cut/drill/file etc., two or more pieces
of metal/wood/plastics etc., I use several methods. a dab of
hot-melt glue, though adding to thickness of the 'sandwich’
works. A piece of double sided sellotape is also OK provided you
don’t push it around too much and press the pieces of work
together very firmly - vice, heavy pliers. A vice-grip is good
for small parts, though is inclined to mar the work unless the
grip-faces are covered with thin plastic, or card - 2 sided
sellotape again to hold the card. Hot-melt glue will hold a hunk
of wood on a faceplate whilst the wood is carefully turned or
carved. Same goes for a false wooden faceplate with a piece of
brown paper yellow-glued to it and to the workpiece. Surprisingly
strong, that, but easy to part with a good knife or chisel. The
old fashioned way of drilling two or more holes in perfect
register is to mark the position of one hole very accurately,
centrepunch, and drill it. The second piece can have the hole
drilled through with the first hole as a template. Rivet, or pop
rivet or nut-and-bolt the two firmly together, and drill the two
at once. A second rivet etc fastens them immovably and then you
can do what you like. If non-precious metals have to be so
worked together, simply soft-solder very thinly, then heat to
release and scrape off the solder. I’m sure there are plenty more
tricks for the job. Think sideways. –

John Burgess, @John_Burgess2