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Clamp wedding rings together

Hello Orchidians,

I’m repeating this post and am in hopes someone out there has a suggestion!

Does anyone know of a quality (Karet gold or Pt) device that will securely hold wedding rings together? I do NOT mean soldering/tacking the rings together.

I searched the net and the only things that come up are plastic devices and the wire crimps that temporarily downsize a ring. Surely some genius has devised such a thing. I envision something that can be secured with a screw or clamp.

Looking forward to some ideas here!
Judy in Kansas, where storms are brewing…possibly rotating.

Hi Judy. We frequently solder a wedding set together to hold the rings in place. I don’t like the wire clamps used in sizing down because they scratch the rings or the finger of the person wearing them. Some on this forum will object to this but I have on occasion used a small amount of super glue to hold rings together. The glue is not a permanent fix but will last for a while and is easily removed. Maybe you will get some better ideas.
Dale Pavatte

Thanks for our response, Dale. I’ve done the soldering also, but am hoping that some genius has created a quality, secure alternative. I don’t work in Pt and although white gold solder would serve to tack Pt rings, it seems inappropriate.

Judy in Kansas, where temps dipped to frost level last night, but no damage is apparent. Still got tomatoes and peppers to harvest.

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