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Citrine irradiation

the site is quite excellent in my humble opinion, however I write
to ask for I qm in the process of researching
ametysts heating and citrine irradiation and to date the wources
I have come up with are crap! Do you by chance have any

What you need is a copy of Dr. Kurt Nassau’s book, “Gemstone
Enhancement”, Butterworths, 1984, ISBN 0-408-01447-4. It’s the
"standard reference". And you might also try contacting Mr. Mark
Liccini, a gem dealer and expert gem treater, who just might know
more about amethyst and citrine treating than anyone else around. will get you there. Mark’s a frequent
contributor to the facetors mail list, and has often given
freely and generously of his knowledge. I’m sure he’d be happy
to help you with your research.

hope this helps.

Peter Rowe

Suggest you look at Mr Liccini’s web page He is a proffessional
at heat and radiation treating. You will find a section of his
site describes most procceses. if you have further questions ask
him by email he responds to list questions all the time but
prabably didn’t see yours His web page is: doesn’t ganoksin have a
reference for this I haven’t looked recently
Ash Carter


Amethyst is the violet and purple varieties of quartz

Amethyst, on heating between 400 C to 500 C, will turn to a
yellow, brown or reddish-brown color, and in some cases will turn
green depending on the original locality of the stone. On heating
above 575 C, amethyst will become colourless and a schiller
effect will set in. Some of the “greened” induced amethyst will
fade when exposed to light for a long period.

Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz.

Sometimes, citrine may duplicate the natural coloring of
amethyst upon irradiation treatment.

Best regards,