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I confess, I haven’t answered these questions because I haven’t been down
to my basement library to look up the source yet. The supplier is in
Memphis, but I can’t remember the name of the company- one of the jeweler
supply companies. Maybe some of the other Orchid members can refresh my
memory on the name.
It is, I believe, a dental compound. not sure…It makes open-faced molds,
similar to what the dentist does when he puts that icky stuff in your
mouth to mold your teeth. Probably the same stuff.
You mix this green silly putty -looking stuff with a catalyst, work it in
your hand till mixed. Then you can press whatever ( previously made piece,
sometimes waxes) into it. After 20 minutes, it is cured, you pull out the
original. It does NOT do undercuts . It is good for picking up surface
textures (picture yourself , replicating the dots on a LEGO block, or a
leaf’s patterning). That’s why I thought it might be good for some of the
surfaces we’ve been discussing making rubber stamps for. It’s very good
for rings- just carve half the ring, make mold, and produce the other half-
they match perfectly.(only good for symmetrical stuff).
Once your mold is cured, you slosh in a little perfect purple, and when
it’s cooled , take it out. The molds last almost indefinitely in a ziploc,
and need no mold release of any kind, they’re naturally just a tad oily-

Hope this answers your questions-
Anne Stickney